About Miles

For the better part of a decade, Miles was stuck working at desk jobs with no signs of advancement in his IT career. This stalemate gave him a deep feeling of unfulfillment and dissatisfaction from under-utilizing his capabilities, and in turn, ignited his desire to re-claim his personal power, change the course of his life and follow his dreams. Further, a challenging medical condition inspired him to seek alternative therapies when his condition was no longer responding to prescriptive drugs.

Recovering completely, he was set on investing in professional training to acquire a unique set of skills and knowledge to support himself on his newly awakened and visionary path in life. He embraced his passions for aromatherapy, life coaching, and nutrition, which was altogether different from his previous business-tech background. His newfound knowledge of wellness along with a proper vegan nutritional plan got him back on his path toward reaching his dream – to change the business and personal lives of people he encountered in a positive way using his unique combination of business and wellness expertise rather than the typical “fitting into” one box in one industry.

His journey is an inspiration to all who choose to lead and teach through the clarity of their own example. He went on to working with a small handful of clients, providing them with structured business, project management and IT solutions. As they now continue to be in good hands, Miles is now also in a position to provide professional Life Coaching and Wellness Consulting services.  Some of his closest family and friends were his very first “clients” where he held a major role in supporting and working through their challenges and illnesses.

It’s a complex world out there and Miles, a one of a kind solutions expert, makes it all just… “easier.” His broad depth of personal and business experience is a rare, and an ever appreciating asset to realizing more of his dream and being a top solutions expert providing exceptional results to all of his clients.